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Sponsored Programs

Below are examples of past programs that were partially or completely funded by FOSA.

Grade Level Programs

  • Kindergarten — Ballet with Urban Gateways
    Kindergartners receive ballet instruction and perform in the
    spring school assembly.
  • 1st Grade — Chinese Dance with Urban Gateways
    First graders receive Chinese dance instruction and perform in the
    spring school assembly.
  • 2nd Grade — Drama with Raven Theatre
    Second graders are instructed in theater arts and perform a
    class play at the school.
  • 3rd Grade — World Dance with Dancing With Class
    Third graders learn about different cultures and their music. They learn intricate dance steps and perform in the spring school assembly.
  • 4th Grade — Blues Music with Blues in the Schools
    Fourth graders learn about blues music and its history. They perform at the world renowned Chicago Blues Fest in Grant Park.
  • 5th Grade — Ballroom Dance with May I Have This Dance
    Fifth graders learn ballroom dance, “an exciting way for students to develop important social skills that lead to success both in the classroom and throughout their lives.” - May I Have This Dance website. They perform in the spring school assembly and some students have the opportunity to compete in a citywide ballroom competition.
  • 6th Grade — World Weavers Project with the Minasian Rug Company and Urban Gateways. White Pines Trip.
    Sixth graders participate in an 8-week textiles curriculum, culminating in the production of one handmade rug designed by a student. Our sixth graders also have the option to participate in a two-night camping trip, allowing them to be independent in an appropriately supervised setting.
  • 7th Grade — African Dance with Urban Gateways
    Seventh graders learn about African culture and music. They receive dance instruction and perform in the spring school assembly.
  • 8th Grade MEMA-Music - Arts-Integrated Social Studies Enrichment
    Students critically examine the culture, history and landmark achievements of the 1960s through exploring socially conscious music, art, film clips and more. Students link what they learn to real-world issues today. The program culminates in a student- created showcase of social justice projects using digital media, art and more.


Additional Support

  • Library
      Each school must fund its own books through their school based funds. FOSA          provides a budget and books to our library each year to ensure we maintain a          collection that is current and interesting to our students.
  • Stone's Musical
    For the last few years FOSA has funded the middle school musical, Shrek Jr. and Fiddler on the Roof Jr., providing a great theater opportunity for many middle school students and exposure to musical theater for the whole school.
  • Curriculum Support
    Some curriculum, like math, reading and science, need additional books and materials from year to year.
  • Technology Support
    Computers and other technology in the classrooms and around the school are replaced as needed. Technology support is also provided to Stone teachers and staff.
  • Sports teams
    As funding for sports has changed over the years, FOSA has been available to supplement school funds to help with referees, transportation and uniforms. Stone currently offers volleyball, soccer, basketball, cross country, and track for our Eagles.
  • Music and Art Support
    FOSA funds are used to purchase additional supplies for the music and art departments.
  • After School Programs
    FOSA helps supplement school funds to continue to provide this valuable resource for students. The after school programs that are offered include arts, athletics and supplemental academic programs.
  • School Enhancement
    FOSA has been able to support enhancement projects in the building and on school grounds as needed. For example, FOSA funds were used to buy health and fitness equipment for our fitness room and for outdoor recess. Last summer, FOSA paid to completely redo the gymnasium floor including a school logo in honor of Ms. Onofrio’s retirement.