Stone Dress Code Updates

Thank you to the Stone Student Advisory Council for partnering with the Stone administration to update the Stone dress code to be more inclusive and flexible for the upcoming school year. 
Full dress code details will be outlined in the updated in the forthcoming 2021-2022 Parent/Student Handbook but a sneak preview can be found below. Please note - this new policy will undergo a "trial period" during Quarter 1 of the new school year and is subject to change. 
Updated Dress Code Highlights:
  • Students can wear any color clothing (does not have to be blue, black or white)
  • Tops can display images or words as long as the content is not offensive, inappropriate or upsetting to others. 
  • Tops must be long enough to cover the entire torso and sleeves should cover the shoulders
  • Students must wear closed-toed shoes
  • No hats or head coverings are allowed except for religious or medical reasons
  • Students are permitted to wear hoodies as long as they keep their hood down while at school
  • The waistband of all bottoms must be worn at the waistline (not below!)
Please reach out to the Stone office or the Stone administration (, with any questions or concerns.