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 What should I do if I know my child can't attend school?

  • If a student will be absent from school, please call (773)534-2045, or email Olga Estrada. You may call in the evening and leave a message. The parent/guardian is required to email or send a note with the student upon his/her return to school. This procedure helps in monitoring the safety of your child as well as documenting excused absences. The computer system will contact parents the day of the child’s absence. Please provide current and accurate daytime phone numbers, and if your contact information changes during the year, please provide new information to the office immediately. You can find more information about absences and tardiness on our School Policies page.


Are Extended Day Care the same as After School Programs? What's the difference?

  • No, Extended Day and After School Programs are two different programs at our school. Extended Day is an on-site tuition-based program meant to accomodate the needs of Stone Academy families. This provides an after school option for students every day that school is in session.
  • After School Programs are offered in several incremental sessions throughout the year, and provide students with an opportunity to grown and learn new skills outside regular hours, but within the school environment. Most programs are only 1-2 days per week.


Where is Stone Academy located?

  • Stone Academy is located in West Rogers Park, at the corner of Granville Avenue and Leavitt Street. Our official address is: 6239 N. Leavitt St. Chicago, IL 60659
  • Contact Us for more contact information.


Does my child qualify for CPS bus service? Where can I find information regarding busing?

  • CPS has specific guidelines regarding bus service for students. While there is no attendance boundary for Stone Academy, transportation is provided to students who live more than 1.5 miles, but less than 6 miles from the school. Parents who wish to utilize bus services must fill out the appropriate bus forms.


How do I become a volunteer at Stone Academy?

  • Volunteers are always welcome at Stone Academy. All CPS volunteers must complete the registration process. Please begin by coordinating your efforts with the main office and classroom teacher. We also suggest that you consider FOSA, our LSC and PTA for your volunteering endeavors, as all three play a major role in benefiting the lives of our students and staff.


What is FOSA? How is this different from the PTA?

  • Friends of Stone Academy (FOSA) is our amazing fundraising group, composed of parents, teachers and administrators who work to raise money to fund our school's arts, academic and athletic enriched programming.
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is our community building group, also composed of parents and teachers. They will sponsor events throughout the year to meet other families from Stone. They also sell our Stone Gear (shirts, sweats, shorts, stc.) in the Fall and Spring.


Is there somewhere I can go to check my child's grades and attendance record?

  • CPS established an online gateway called Parent Portal several years ago in hopes of improving communication lines between teachers and parents. Please see the main office for any help with login information.


Does my child need to bring specific supplies on the first day of school?

  • Yes. Each grade level has compiled supply lists detailing appropriate supplies for her/his classroom. These supplies should be brough to orientation or the first day of school.


My child is going to graduate from Stone Academy this year. Where can I find information about Chicago High Schools?

  • Applying to high schools can be a tricky, if not stressful, business. Visit GoCPS or the Counselor's Office for newsletters and helpful links that will make this process more manageable.


What's for lunch today?


I'd like to contact my child's teacher. What would be the best way to reach her/him?

  • Email is the preferred method as the first point of contact with our teachers and staff. You can find a complete list of emails and classroom websites on our staff page.


I only live two blocks away from Stone Academy. Why isn't it my neighborhood school?

  • Stone Scholastic Academy is a magnet school, and our students are selected thorugh a computerized lottery system. Applications are accepted October through December of each year for the following school year. Notification of acceptance for Kindergarten is usually within one month from the date of the computer lottery (January). For grades one through eight, parents are notified by June according to space availability for the following school year. Check out our Admissions page for more information.


How can I make a donation to Stone Academy?

  • Thank you for considering making a donation to Stone Academy. Visit our FOSA Donations page for more information. You may also wish to visit our FOSALSC and PTA pages to find other ways you might make contributions or volunteer your time.