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Bus Forms

 *While there is no attendance boundary for Stone Academy, transportation is only provided to students who live more than 1.5 miles, but less than 6 miles from the school.


Students participating in specified programs at identified Chicago Public School sites are eligible for school bus service in accordance with published policies. The parent and/or legal guardian of each student attending the Chicago Public Schools and requesting school bus service to a school with bus service for the next school year and/or completing any transportation request form must complete this application by June 1. Forms received after this date will be processed, but transportation on the first day of school is not guaranteed. Parents may request bus service at any time during the school year but only those programs authorized to receive bus service by the Board of Education shall be approved. This form is not applicable for summer school bus service.


Mandated Forms

"Application for School Bus Service - White Form":
Parents of students currently enrolled and receiving bus service as well as students enrolling for next school year and desiring bus service are required to complete the form annually. The form must be submitted if bus service is desired for the start of the next school year. Note: parents/guardians are no longer required to attach proof of residency to the White Form unless a discrepency in the home address arises during the processing of forms.


Optional Forms

Additional forms for sibling requets or Park District transportation can be found on the CPS Transportation page. Forms received after the June 1 deadline may still be forwarded to our office, however, we do not guarantee the requests will be processed and approved changes made by the first day of the school.

Do not send or fax any forms directly to the CPS office. Completed forms must be returned to the school office. Please contact the school office for additional information concerning bus service. All student transportation eligibility standards, forms, policies and procedures are available at the school office or on the CPS web site.