About Us

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Stone Scholastic Academy was designated as a magnet school under the 1982 Student Desegregation Plan for the Chicago Public Schools. Since becoming a magnet, the Stone faculty has welcomed students from neighborhoods all over Chicago.  Since Stone Scholastic Academy is not a neighborhood school,  all students, even those living within the immediate area, must apply for entrance through the Go CPS application process.

Stone students participate in specialized classes, including: library-media, art, music, technology, and physical education. Stone is a school with students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and this diversity is celebrated throughout our classrooms, curriculum and school community.  Learning is integrated across the curriculum and the importance of the arts is emphasized through many partnerships, including an arts residency at every grade. 

In collaboration with students and parents, the Stone staff creates a safe environment that promotes academic excellence, creativity and independence. Teachers and staff are committed to meeting the unique learning needs of all students.