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Parent Patrol

 These parent volunteers, sporting the lovely safety yellow first thing in the morning, help with your student drop off every morning. This service was started in 2012 by parent volunteers, to create an area for drivers to safely unload their children before school.

All grades can be dropped off using Parent Patrol between 7:50am-8:10am.

Children can be escorted to their door, at your request.

How do my child & I use Parent Patrol?

  • Drivers pull up to the curb – please stay in your vehicle
  • Volunteers will help your children exit the vehicle with any bags, or extra equipment, or special projects they might have.
  • Make sure your children are ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive.
  • Watch the volunteers for directions on moving your vehicle forward. Pulling as far forward, lining up behind the cars in front of you and then pulling forward after dropping off will ensure the safest, sanest and most efficient drop off for all.
  • To minimize traffic congestion, please do not pull out onto Leavitt if there is room to pull forward in front of you and cars are lined up behind you.

Again, we need you in your vehicle to move it forward as vehicles in front of you move onward. If you need to park and go into the school with your child, please find parking elsewhere in the neighborhood.

The safety of our children is the #1 priority. Please treat the volunteers with respect, as they are here to ensure the safety of your children.

We know the approach to the Stone can be congested. Please be patient.

How Can I Help?

We are currently looking for parent-volunteers to help out anywhere from 1-5 days a week for around 15-20 min (7:50-8:10am), in front of Stone, opening doors for parents/guardians dropping off their kids. The perks, outside of the obvious, are:

  • School permit for parking on Rosemont in restricted area while volunteering.
  • Sporting safety yellow first thing in the morning (aka looking official).
  • Respect from a good portion of the parents dropping off (including being on the holiday gift bag list).
  • Stimulating conversations (and/or school gossip) with fellow patrollers (they don’t do that in the LSC!).
  • Stimulating conversation with select elementary schoolers.
  • The occasional spontaneous hug by happy elementary schoolers.
  • And last but not least, the gratitude and respect of the Stone administration.

Please contact Jennifer Trautvetter if you are interested in helping out.